City Of Norwich Armistice Trail

BWF PT No 306 - 10km

Walk Organiser: John Blyth, 25 Blackcross Road, Amesbury, Salisbury, Wilts, SP4 7XH. Tel: 01980-590565, or 07858 207899.

Walk Fee: £1.00

Start: Use one of the fives park and rides in Norwich (not Costessy) to start the walk at Norwich Bus Station. Surrey Street. Norwich. Norfolk. NR1 3NX [Map reference: TG229079]. Information about the park and rides can be found at the following website: They do not run on Sundays. City Centre parking in Norwich is very expensive.

Railway - Norwich Thorpe Station - Station Approach, Norwich NR1 1EF. Leave Station. Walk north towards Riverside/A147.Cross the station carpark and bear right towards the top right-hand corner of the carpark. Cross the Riverside/A147 road with care at the pedestrian crossing. Immediately turn left on to Riverside/A147 with the river now on your right. Follow the path until you reach Lady Julian Bridge. Cross the bridge over the river and proceed through Old Barge Yard. At the end of the alley, cross King Street into St Julian’s Alley. Join route description between Q4 and Q5. (See bold text).  

Route Directions

Leave Norwich Bus Station and turn left on to Surrey Street. At the T-Junction, turn left again. (See Note 1). Pass the impressive Aviva building on the right until you reach the T-Junction with St Stephen’s Street. At the T-Junction turn right on to St Stephen’s Street. At the crossroads, turn left in to Rampant Horse Street with Marks and Spencer’s on your left. When you reach Brigg Street on the right, turn right into Brigg Street with Debenhams on the corner. Brigg Street soon becomes Haymarket. Walk into Haymarket. Walk along Haymarket which after White Lion Street, becomes Gentleman’s Walk. (See Note 1). Continue heading in the same direction along Gentleman’s Walk. Continue to the T-Junction with Gaol Hill and Exchange Street. At the T-Junction, turn right in to Exchange Street. At the crossroads with Guildhall Hill and London Street, turn left on to Guildhall Hill. Before you turn left, on the right-hand corner is Jarrolds which made a massive contribution to WW1 (See Note 1). Follow Guildhall Hill to reach the Guildhall on your left. (See Note 1).

Q1. On approaching the Guildhall, there is a post on the left with a series of information boards just before Angel’s Crystal Shop on the left. In what year was the clock tower erected as a gift from the major?   

From the Guildhall, retrace your steps downhill on Guildhall Hill and at the crossroads with Dove Street, turn left into Dove Street. Walk along Dove Street passing the Vine Thai Cuisine on your right. Pass Sonkai Jewellers on your left and at the junction, turn left into Pottergate. In front of the Belgian Monk PH, turn right in to St Johns Alley. Walk through the alley and exit the alley on St John Maddermarket.

Q2. On the left of the alley is the Maddermarket Theatre. There is a blue plaque on the wall. Who purchased the theatre in 1921?

Walk in the same direction and turn right in to St Andrew’s Street. Walk along St Andrew’s Street passing Exchange Street on the right. Using the pedestrian crossing by St Andrew’s church, cross the street towards the St Andrews Brewhouse. With the brewhouse on your left and the seating area on your right, walk in the same direction along St Georges Street. Pass the Halls on your right and follow St Georges Street to cross over the River Wensum. On the other side of the river, immediately turn right and with the river on your right, follow the path until you reach Friars Quay. Follow Friars Quay around the left-hand bend along the water front until you reach a lone tree by the river. Pass to the left of the tree and walk towards the life buoy near a lamp post. Walk through the gap directly in front of you between the houses. When the alley reaches the road, turn right. Follow the road until you reach a red bricked wall with stone walls either side. Turn left into St Clements Alley. Walk through the alley, until you reach the junction with Colegate. Turn left and walk along Colegate passing The Merchants of Spice Indian Restaurant on the left. Stay on Colegate until you reach the junction on the right with Muspole Street. Turn right in to Muspole Street and then turn right in to St George’s Alley on the right which is not signed and is directly behind St George’s Church. (Follow the churchyard wall). Walk along the alley until you reach the junction with St Georges Street. Cross St Georges Street and turn right. Take the first left in to Lowes Yard (old building on the corner with lattice windows). Walk through the yard, under the archway and then turn left in to Calvert Street. Walk along Calvert Street and just after the junction with Cross Lane, turn right in to Golden Dog Lane. Walk along Golden Dog Lane and where it narrows walk straight ahead. Continue to follow Golden Dog Lane until it reaches Magdalen Street. Turn right in to Magdalen Street. Walk along Magdalen Street and then turn left into Thoroughfare Yard just before the Ali Tandoori restaurant on the left. Walk through the Yard until you reach the T-Junction with Fishergate. At the T-Junction, turn left into Fishergate. Walk along Fishergate passing the church of St Edmunds on your right. Turn right at the T-Junction in to Whitefriars and walk over the bridge. After you have crossed the bridge, turn immediately right in to Quayside and follow Quayside with the river on your right. Cross Fye Bridge Street and enter the passageway to the left of the Ribs of Beef PH. After entering the passageway, follow the passage around to the left in to Roaches Court with a small park on the right-hand side. Leave Roaches Court and turn right in to Elm Hill with the church in front of you. Walk along Elm Hill passing the Tea House on the left. Elm Hill will open out into a central courtyard with a large tree in the middle. Pass the tree on the left-hand side and at number 21 with the red door, turn left in to Waggon and Horses Lane. Walk along Waggon and Horses Lane and turn right in to Plumbers Arms Alley. The entrance to the alley is just after the building with the blue wall. Walk through the Alley and at the T-Junction, turn left into Princes Street. Proceed on Princes Street and turn left at the T-Junction with Tombland. Cross Tombland at the pedestrian crossing and turn left. Enter Cathedral Close through the Erpingham Gate after passing the bust of Edith Cavell. (See Note 1). Facing the south door of the Cathedral, turn right and exit the Cathedral grounds via the Ethelbert Gate passing the statues of both Nelson and Wellington. Cross Tombland into Queen Street via the pedestrian crossing to cross Upper King Street and continue in the same direction along Queens Street until you reach pedestrian crossing.  Cross road and proceed in the same direction in to London Street. Walk along London Street. At the junction with Bedford Street (Book Hive on corner); turn right and then turn right again into St Andrews Hill. Walk along St Andrews Hill and just after the Bishops Dining Room and Winebar, turn left into Bridewell Back Alley. Follow the Alley until you reach a T-Junction and then turn left into Bridewell Alley.

Q3. As you turn left into the alley by the Museum of Norwich, there is a coat of arms on the wall.  When was William Appleyard mayor of Norwich?

Walk along Bridewell Alley until you reach the T-Junction with Bedford Street. Turn right and then take the first left in to Swan Lane. Walk along Swan Lane; then bear right into London Street. At the next Y Junction, turn left into Castle Street. Walk along Castle Street and take the next right in to Old Post Office Court just after passing Boots Opticians. Follow this Alley until you reach the T-Junction with Gentleman’s Walk. Turn left and walk to the entrance to the Royal Arcade. Enter the Royal Arcade and continue through to the end of the Royal Arcade. (See Note 1). Turn right into Back of the Inns with Jamie’s Italian Restaurant on the corner. Pass the entrance to Castle Mall. Turn left immediately after Moss Bros into York Alley. Walk to the T-Junction with Red Lion Street. Cross Red Lion Street to the Bell Hotel via the pedestrian crossing. Turn immediately left and walk along the pavement with the Bell Hotel on the right. Cross Farmers Avenue at the traffic calming measure and then turn right with the stone wall on your left.

Q4. On the left-hand end of the stone wall is a sign. When was the Jolly Farmer’s Inn in business?

At the end of the wall, turn left through the gate to enter Castle Green. (See Note 1). If you depart from the route to enter the Castle, return to Castle Green. From the gate, follow the path round to the right through the glass domes of the shopping centre below to the castle gates. Follow the higher path as you follow the path to the right passing through the black railings to your left and right. Follow the path round to an open seating area and view point. Bear right, and emerge once again on Farmers Avenue with the Vue cinema directly opposite. Turn left on Farmers Avenue and follow Farmers Avenue until you reach the junction with Cattle Market Street which is on the left. Turn left into Cattle Market Street. Cross over to the other side of the road and walk in the same direction. Take the alley on the right to the left side of the glass fronted building into St Peter Parmentergate churchyard. Follow the alley until you reach King Street. Turn right into King Street. Turn right opposite Dragon Hall into St Julians Alley. (Start walk here from Railway Station). Walk along St Julians Alley and turn right opposite St Julians Church into Kilderkin Way. At the end of the street turn left and climb the steps. Midway up the steps is a war memorial.

Q5. On the right-hand brass plaque, which brewery is the second one down?

At the top of the steps turn left on to Normans Buildings and at the T-Junction, turn right on to Rouen Road and walk up the hill until you reach the T-Junction. At the T-Junction, turn left into Golden Ball Street. Cross Golden Ball Street into Grouts Thoroughfare opposite the Woolpack PH. Walk along the passage until you reach the T-Junction at the end with Timberhill. Turn right at the T-Junction and cross the road. Take the first turning to the left just past the Timberhill Bakery. This now becomes the Lion and Castle Yard. Walk along the yard until you emerge on to Westlegate after descending the steps. Turn right in to Westlegate until Westlegate reaches a staggered crossroads. Walk straight over using the island in to Rampant Horse Street. Turn left at the end of Marks & Spencer into Malthouse Road.  Walk along Malthouse Road and take the first left into Barwells Court until you reach St Stephens Street. Turn right in to St Stephens Street and then turn right immediately before the Santander Bank into One Post Alley. Leave the alley and cross Malthouse Road and enter Chantry Road.

Continue straight ahead to the entrance to INTU Chapelfield. (See Note 1). Turn right and enter St Stephens Churchyard. Follow the main path through the churchyard and pass the church on your right. Cross the road and walk along William Booth Street (named after the founder of the Salvation Army) into Hay Hill. Pass the statue of Sir Thomas Browne, bear left at the brain and eye sculptures into Weaver’s Lane passing black railings on your left as you head towards the market. Turn left before you reach the Sir Garnet PH and climb the steps that lead to a path through St Peter Mancroft churchyard (See Note 1). Turn right opposite the north porch of the church and enter the Memorial Gardens. (See Note 1). Ascend one of the ramps onto St Peters Street and make you way to the front of the war memorial. (See Note 1).

Q6. What implement are the angels holding.

Cross the road to the city hall and turn left. Walk along St Peters Street towards St Peter Mancroft Church. Turn right and walk along the side of the Forum on Bethel Street after crossing the street at the paved zone. Turn left at the back of The Forum into Will Kemp Way just before the entrance to the carpark on the left. Head towards the Theatre Royal and at the top of the flight of stairs or adjacent ramp turn right and walk alongside the wall of the Bethel Hospital site towards Chapelfield Gardens before turning right into Little Bethel Street via the bollards. At the junction with Bethel Street turn left and continue past the Coach and Horses PH. Opposite the YMCA is the entrance to Watts Court on your left. Walk along Watts Court with the wooden fence on your right until you reach the T-Junction with Chapelfield North. Turn right into Chapelfield North and then right again into Ninhams Court. Walk through the alley until you reach Bethel Street. Cross Bethel Street and enter Rigbys Court opposite number 61 with a blue front. Walk through the alley and cross St Giles Street at the pedestrian crossing. Turn right and then take the first left into Willow Lane. At the bottom of Willow Lane turn right into Cow Hill, and then at the staggered crossroads, turn left into Pottergate. Turn right before the entrance to the subway and enter St Benedicts Alley by two red bollards. Walk through the alley, down the steps and then turn right on to St Benedicts Street. Walk along St Benedicts Street. Just before the Ten Bells PH cross road. Turn left immediately before Norwich Arts Centre into St Swithin’s Alley. Walk through the alley. (See Note 1). At the end, turn right into St Swithins Road, then take the second right in to St Margarets Alley passing St Margaret’s church. At the end of the alley, turn left into St Benedicts Street. Pass the front of St Lawrence church and turn left down St Lawrence Steps. You will pass St Lawrence redundant church on your left as you walk through the alley. Descend the steps, cross Westwick Street and turn left. Take the first right in to Coslany Street. Walk through the bollards and cross St Miles Bridge over the river. Immediately after passing number 3 Coslany Street on the left, turn left into St Miles Bridge Alley. Follow the path along the River Wensum passing New Mills sluice on the left and immediately turn right in to New Mills Yard. Continue to the junction with Oak Street. Cross Oak Street and turn right then take the first left in to St Marys Plain. Walk towards the church passing the front of St Marys Works on the left with its distinct mural on the wall (See Note 1). Head towards the round tower of the church, cross the road to Rosemary Lane with the Baptist Chapel on the right-hand corner.

Q7. What is the date above the doors of the Baptist Chapel?

Retrace your steps. With the round tower of the church in front of you, turn right on to St Mary’s Plain with the church now on your left. At the first crossroads, turn right into Duke Street. Walk along Duke Street and cross the river. Walk past the entrance to St Andrews Car Park (See Note 1) and continue to the crossroads at the end. Turn right and cross Charing Cross at the pedestrian crossing. Turn right and continue along Charing Cross and pass Strangers Hall. Where the road forks, keep left in to St Benedicts Street and with the Mash Tun Restaurant on the corner, turn left into St Gregorys Back Alley. Walk along St Gregorys Back Alley past the east end of St Gregorys Church. Continue across the open space to join Pottergate. Cross Pottergate and enter Lower Goat Lane with the Grosvenor Fish Bar on the corner. At the end of Lower Goat Lane, you reach a T-Junction with St Giles Street. Go straight across the road in to St Peter’s Street with the Guildhall on your left and the City Hall on your right. Walk along St Peters Street; go straight ahead in to Millennium Plain passing the Forum on your right. Continue along Millennium Plain until you reach the T-Junction with Theatre Street after walking up some steps adjacent to the Forum. At the T-Junction, turn left in to Theatre Street. Walk along Theatre Street and then cross over in to Rampant Horse Street. Stay on Rampant Horse Street until you reach a crossroads. At the cross roads, turn right in to St Stephens Street with Marks and Spencer’s on the corner. Walk along St Stephens Street until you reach the last traffic calming area just before the roundabout at the top of St Stephen’s Street. Cross the street with care at this point. Turn right and walk in the same direction. Turn left with Iceland on the corner and walk along Queens Road. You will pass a NCP car park on the left. Just before you reach the entrance to the NCP, on your right is a part of the old city wall of Norwich. There is a plaque on the wall.

Q8. When was the fortification of the City gates and towers carried out?

After passing the NCP and Travelodge, pass through the archway on your left and return to Norwich Bus Station and the Park and Ride Service. Return to the Railway Station by turning left into Old Barge Yard from King’s Street. Proceed over Lady Julian Bridge and follow the signs to the Railway Station.

Route updated 31 December 2018

Note 1: If you require more information about the history, please contact the route organiser at who can send you an extended version.