BWF PT No13 - 40km

Walk Organiser: John Blyth, 25 Blackcross Road, Amesbury, Salisbury, Wilts, SP4 7XH. Tel: 01980-590565, or 07858 207899.

Walk Fee: £1.00, Embroidered badge available £2.00.

Start: Amesbury Sports Centre, Holders Rd, Amesbury, Wilts [GR 184/161418]

Small yellow/black numbers at positions A,B,D and question at C and E should be recorded on Entry Form.

Route Directions

Leave Amesbury Sports Centre and at end of road turn right into Holders Road, past 20 Zone signs. At T-junction turn right downhill then turn left at second road, into Parsonage Road.  At main road turn left, after 50m straight on uphill on tarmac footpath [Byway] continuing on path behind houses on narrow gravel path. Keep in same direction on wider track by new estate, crossing access roads. Cross main road onto concrete track towards airfield.  At road cross over and bear right on gravel track with security fence on left. At end of airfield cross road onto grass track by wooden gate posts.

A [GR 184/159382]  5.1km

Continue by landing lights, cross road into golf course (Bridleway signpost) keeping to extreme right hand edge, by hedge and in rough, and parallel to main road. Leave golf course, opposite Garage, through traffic lights keeping on main road for 200m (beware traffic!) passing High Post Business Park. Turn right (Bridleway signpost) on concrete track, through gates, past derelict farm. Follow track left, then after 300m right, and just before right bend turn left through gap in fenceline.

B [GR 184/135364]  9.2km

Follow footpath alongside edge of field. Cross gravel farm track, through gate into field, keeping fence on right. Through gate into small copse, straight on following path across field. Downhill, by thatched cottage, then uphill. Continue past house and pumping station to road. Straight on footpath between fences. Through gates at end, turn right onto tarmac lane then after 50m straight on through gate. Bear left on path, through another gate, heading towards main road and Old Castle PH. Turn right 5m before pavement (signpost Stratford-Sub-Castle). Keep hedge on right and through gate (signpost Phillips Lane) again keeping hedge on right. At corner of field through gate and take right path then straight on with fields on left to lane. Turn left, past Gas pumping station, and after 200m turn right over stile. Pass behind church, bearing slightly left to stile, by large gate, in corner of field. Turn right on road to junction by bridge.

C [Post Collection Time on Saturday?] GR 184/129329]  14.8km

Straight on (signpost Salterton, etc) and after 50m straight on along road with river on left past Manor Cottage. 300m after Little Durnford sign turn left through white wooden gate (opposite post box) and follow lane through estate, over river. Just before next small bridge turn right, gate (Permitted Footpath) and cross wooden bridge. Turn right, over stiles, then follow path  with stream on right and cross stile by gate on left  continuing to road. Cross road, through gap and turn right alongside hedge for 150m to end of field.  Bear left across field on faint path past water trough, across track, heading for path between wood and wooden fence.  Past paddocks and into field then through gate, keep alongside hedge on right to reach lane by houses. Turn right and walk down the lane to the reach the T Junction. Turn left along road. After 1000m pass telephone box then turn left [No Through Road] on tarmac lane past church.  As lane becomes gravel and turns sharp left continue straight on alongside hedge on right [Portland Cottage].  Uphill keeping alongside fence on left, then at field turn left uphill.  At top straight on up bank into next field keeping to edge around to left by pylon.  Again keeping to edge of field follow around to right at corner then, by wood, turn left [arrows] keeping hedge on left for 900m to corner and main road.  Cross over onto track [Restricted Byway].  After 1800m, at X-tracks, turn right.

D [GR 184/084372 - on back of post on left] 24.5km

Follow wide track to farm and turn right, in front of cottages, to tarmac lane continuing to main road, keeping around to right, by Druids Lodge. Cross main road and through gateway (Upper Woodford signpost). Keep on grass track across field, through gateway continuing on track and then on tarmac lane, down steep hill, through farmyard. Turn left on road, 50m turn right onto gravel track (Footpath signpost). As track joins gravel drive to houses, bear left, then after 30m straight onto grass track by wooden electricity pole.

E [Number of steps at top of electricity pole? GR 184/128374]  30.3km

As path drops down to river turn right over small bridges, by old mill, to road. Turn left past Black Horse PH and straight on (signpost Amesbury) following road sharp right uphill. Continue on road for 400m, then 100m after entrance to Ogbury House, on right, turn left [Bridleway signpost] by Fairwood House uphill on track.  After 500m, as track begins to turn left and go downhill, bear right on path to gatway, keeping between hedges. Straight on over track, on path between hedges, and through gate. Keep alongside hedge on left then after 200m bear right across field to fence continuing downhill to corner of field, through kissing gate, to track then continue uphill to X-tracks.                                                                                                     35.4km

At X-tracks turn right. After 300m fork left downhill to river and straight on following track until reaching lane. 20m turn left on narrow path between white wall of South Mill and hedge [Footpath signpost] and cross river, on path by river then past Waterworks onto gravel track.  Straight on and at end of track through gate and turn right on pavement, crossing bridges into Amesbury.  At junction, by Lloyds Bank, straight on to traffic lights then straight on to London Road and after 1000m turn right into Holders Road and back to Sports Centre.


Route updated 22 March 2020